Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Con Ed

"Con Ed" by Matthew Klein, is the story of a hustler. Kip knows all the cons and has tried most of them. At one point he was even rich. But now he's working at a dry cleaners after spending some time in prison. He is trying to live an honest, lawful life, but a mysterious woman tries to pull him into a big con job. Kip refuses, until his son shows up. His son owes a lot of money to a Russian mob boss, and can't pay it back. But Kip doesn't have the money either -- not unless he pulls off the biggest con of his life.
"In a con, everyone takes part in a play. And everyone knows it is a play, except for one man. The thing you want to make sure is that the man is not you..."
Of course, Kip will try and pull off the big con. And I spent the rest of the book trying to figure out who was in on the real con, and who was a traitor working for the other side. Granted, I never figure out mysteries before the end of the book, so it other readers might catch on faster than I did. But even if you figure out the con, it is a very funny book. It's dark humor, with a lead character a bit like Sam Spade crossed with Tony Soprano. If you liked the movies "Inside Job" or "House of Games", give this a try.


Kim said...

I'm not sure I understood what the con is all about. Would it be too much to ask what the con is? Or would that just give the story line away? I'd like to say I feel intrigued, but I don't. Are all of your friends and family going to being reading these comments? Because if they are I may have to change my name to something anonymous like Dick or Jane.

STL Mom said...

About the con: I don't want to give too much away, because the book reveals the con gradually, but it involves a woman asking for help to con her husband out of enough money to leave him, computer software, the stock market, and a former call girl turned porn executive. Is that enough to intrigue you?
About your sign-in: So far your comments seems safe to be read by friends and family. But when you get ready to write something offensive, make sure to sign in as "Anonymous".